Love Finds Judy Garland: Rewrite #37

It’s that time again: we are embarking on another rewrite of our Judy Garland radio-style theatre piece for an August debut, so I’m once again up to my ears in arranging the new songs and hoping we will not end up dumping them after one performance!  This will be the first outing under the new title, Love Finds Judy Garland, which is an homage/blatant rip-off from one of our favorite Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney films, Love Finds Andy Hardy(My husband and artistic partner, Mark Flanders, claims that he came up with the new title, but I actually remember the entire thought process by which I came up with it.  This is one of the many splendors of a long-time live-work relationship.)  

The script, which is Mark’s department — he writes in the wee small hours (the time, not the tune) — is getting an overhaul to sharpen the focus a bit, and we are adding five new Garland hits, including “The Joint Is Really Jumpin’ in Carnegie Hall,” which I can’t wait to try out with Jason Aquila at the piano, and a Bing Crosby version of “After You’ve Gone,” with both Jason and I incinerating the ivories with four hands.  

We’ll have a little behind-the-scenes footage for you pretty soon on the latter one, but in the meantime, here’s some archival footage from an early version of the show, probably 2010, when it was still called A Date With Judy!  The pianist is Michael Leamon, and Ross Duffin shot the video.  The frock I'm wearing is (utterly impractical) silk chiffon, and was made from a circa-1940 pattern; consequently it zips up the side and has a head opening so small that I have to put a scarf over my face to avoid ripping my false eyelashes off while removing it from my person. Not in the least comfortable, but quite authentic!