Getting Happy

I think it was sometime in 2011 — after I'd been performing A Date with Judy! The Songs of Young Judy Garland for a couple of years and had just done a string of highly enjoyable appearances with orchestras — that I got the idea to put the two together and create a Hollywood-era Judy Garland concert with orchestra.  I already knew that I'd have to commission arrangements, because Judy's early films were made by MGM, and MGM's pre-1970 orchestral scores and parts currently reside in a landfill by the Golden State Freeway, north of L.A.  And I already knew the arranger who had the experience, steeped-ness, and plain heart to do it: Paul Ferguson.  I'd performed one of his Gershwin charts with the Cleveland Pops on a few occasions and felt like I was singing on a '50s recording session for Capitol Records.  

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